Back Echoes of Remembrance: Empowering International Roma Youth Leaders in Commemorating the Roma Genocide

TernYpe - International Roma Youth Network



The study session aims to empower Roma and non-Roma youth leaders to advocate for the recognition and remembrance of the Roma Genocide on local and national levels and act as multipliers in their communities. 


  • 1.    To increase level of understanding on Roma Genocide, fostering awareness of the historical persecution and its implications on contemporary Roma communities
  • 2.    To develop leadership competencies to motivate and mobilize their peers for local remembrance initiatives.
  • 3.    To exchange about advocacy tools, standards and mechanisms on the recognition and remembrance of the Roma Genocide including the Council of Europe standards such as the Recommendation on Roma Youth Participation.
  • 4.    To analyse participants’ contexts and identify key stakeholders for advocacy.
  • 5.    To support participants in planning local, national and international follow-up activities on Roma Genocide recognition and remembrance.

 Abouth the organisation

ternype is a network of youth and youth associations, which creates space for young people to become active citizens through empowerment, mobilisation, self-organisation and participation. We believe in the common efforts by creating trust, and mutual respect between Roma and non-Roma youth. TernYpe International Roma Youth Network and its partners have been committed to advocate for this recognition for many years, mobilizing thousands of Roma and non-Roma youth for this cause, developing co-operation with experts, historians, educational institutions and political stakeholders. 



Draft programme

Draft list of participants

European Youth Centre Budapest 4 - 8 March 2024
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